The Only Research University in East Malaysia

What are the endemic birds found in Borneo? Why Payeh Maga is the new exciting biodiversity spot of Borneo? How to extract wealth from POME and oil palm empty fruit bunch? What are the traditional medicinal practices of the Melanau community in Borneo? Can mulberry use as protein source in chicken feed? How termite guts may hold the key to more efficient biofuels? Does sago starch contain anti-colorectal properties?

These are just some of the questions that researchers at the Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu are trying to answer, but the possibilities for what they will discover are beyond sky limits. UPM Bintulu is home to 58 researchers, our research spans from food security, food production, digital farming, forest restoration, forest management, forest replanting, renewable energy, industrial chemical, teaching technology, culture and social status. UPM Bintulu is driving progress in many different fields , aimed at boosting economic development and improving the quality of life. Our research is building up our nation’s human capital and making impact far beyond our campus.

If you’re destined to make a discovery, you will be right at home at UPM Bintulu.