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» Kokugakuin University, Tokyo K-STEP Exchange Program 2020-2021

Kokugakuin University, Tokyo K-STEP Exchange Program 2020-2021

Thank you for your continuous support in wonderful relationship between UPM and Kokugakuin University. We are honored to inform all partner institutes about K-STEP program year 2020-2021.

Firstly, if there is any change in contact personnel, please kindly inform us your institute’s current contact personnel in charge on this matter.

Please find attached files:

   1) 2020_Application Process Kokugakuin K-STEP

      - This is the instruction for filing all application documents. 

      - We highly appreciate if you can follow this manual and use the latest application forms attached to proceed filing (There are some changes in forms from the previous year).


   2) K-Step_Leaflet_2020-2021

  - This will explain everything about K-STEP 2020-2021. 

  - Please let candidates' students read this material to understand our program before they apply.


3) Introduction of K-STEP

  - Little something extra, mainly photos to grip the outline of K-STEP program.


Five (5) important news that we would like to mention to all are follows;

  1. Number of Candidates :

Two(2) students from each institution are welcomed, and will be guaranteed to receive tuition waiver, and fee waived private dorm room with meals mentioned above. Please do NOT select more than two(2) candidates without our consultation.

  1. Application Deadline : March 30, 2020

Late submission will cause your students serious disadvantage for getting both scholarship and a dorm room.

  1. Japanese Language Requirement

One year (or more) of learning experience is MUST. It's not 'studying' period, but 'learning' period, which means one year self-taught should NOT be counted.

  1. Canceled Class: Japanese Economy and Society Class

Due to the professor's schedule, there is no 'Japanese Economy & Society' class in 2020-2021. If students are considering to transfer credits as your institute's credit, please notice this important information for them.

  1. JASSO / Kokugakuin Scholarship

 Although we still persist in trying to obtain JASSO scholarship, which is JPY 80,000 / month, we must say that the change of being awarded is rare.

Fortunately, last 6 consecutive years, most of exchange students have been awarded JASSO scholarship, but we are unsure about year 2019-2020.

To cover this, we are offering rent-free dorm room with meals worth of JPY 60,000-70,000 / month and Kokugakuin Scholarship JPY 20,000 month with little chore.

Please let students understand that the scholarship can be a small help to reduce students' financial burden, but it cannot be a primary resource of their financial support. They MUST obtain a private funding in accordance with their plans and lifestyle in Tokyo.Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.




Natsuko Moteki

國學院大學  国際交流課    茂 木   奈津子
〒150-8440 東京都渋谷区東4-10-28
Phone: 03-5778-7061   FAX: 03-5778-7062
E-Mail: moteki@kokugakuin.ac.jp




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