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A New Species Of Orchid From Sarawak - Bulbophyllum Abangjoeii

A NEW SPECIES OF ORCHID FROM SARAWAK Bulbophyllum abangjoeii Go, Besi and Pungga sp. nov. Etymology: Species epithet name abangjoeii is after “Abang Joe” or Abang Zohari Abang Haji Openg, The Honorable Premier of Sarawak.

The Discovery and The first sight and collection of this species was during a Scientific Expedition to Ulu Ketibas, Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary in 2008, subsequently another population was discovered in Mulu National Park in 2016.

In 2021, during an orchid rescue operation in Anap-Muput FMU active felling compartment, we discovered a few of the same plants among the rescued plants. When the plant flowered in February, 2022 coupled with our detailed consultation and study of all online (KEW, BM, L, BO) and physical (SING, SAR, UPM, SAB) herbarium resources for all major Bornean orchid flora, we are finally confident to describe it as a new species.

The process to validate this beautiful gem took us almost 15 years and involved extreme and harsh fieldwork environment and numerous herbarium study visits. This includes hundreds of hours of laborious strenuous fieldworks tracking and herbarium specimens’ study.

However, the long strenuous journey of this discovery is nothing when compared to the honour and joy of discovering new species to science and endemic to Sarawak, meaning this species is only found in Sarawak, hence it is categorized as endangered according of IUCN Red List criteria and categories.

Bulbophyllum abangjoeii Go, Besi & Pungga sp. nov. is truly synonymy to The Honorable Premier of Sarawak, Abang Joe in charisma.

The flowers (sepals and petals) are white to cream colour with pinkish-purple stripes signifies his boldness and outstanding determination to safeguarding the state biodiversity grandeur, boosting research, conservation and restoration of major landscape in support of UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, that was aimed towards preventing, halting and reversing the degradation of ecosystems on every continent. The nature of the plant habit that is resilient against drought and occasional flood denotes Abang Joe’s resilience towards peer pressure, political upsurge and global environmental mandate.

The discovery of the orchid was said to be made by UPM researcher Professor Dr Rusea Go about 14 years ago.

Meanwhile, the courtesy call at the Premier’s Office yesterday was led by UPM board of directors chairman Tengku Syarif Laksamana Perlis Datuk Seri DiRaja Syed Razlan Syed Putra Jamalullail. The UPM delegation also informed the fund for the Sarawak Biodiversity Project and Agricultural Transformation Project in Gedong will be established with an allocation of RM3 million from the state government.

During the meeting, a cheque amounting RM1.4 million was handed over.

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