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Professor Datin Dr. Faridah Hanum Ibrahim FASc
Field of Specialization:  Plant Systematics and Forest Botany
+6086 855230 /

BSc  - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia;  PhD  - University of Reading, England. One of my main research looks into how deforestation affect tree composition and biomass of the different forest types in Malaysia. Plots in selected forests have been established since 1995 for this purpose to collect data on tree species composition, diameter at breast height of trees, tree growth, recruitment, mortality and soil parameters.  Currently, I am also working on the ecosytem health of mangroves in Malaysia with the application of the mangrove quality index (MQI) which was developed earlier by my research group.  We are now applying it  to mangroves around the country to determine the health status by assigning them classes 1 (worst) -5 (excellent) which may help  forest managers to manage them better for their conservation and ecosystem services associated with it.

Professor Dr. Ahmed Osumanu Haruna
Field of Specialization: Soil Fertility and Management
+6086 855406

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Osumanu  Haruna (PhD, UPM) has extensive experience in teaching, supervision,  research, industrial linkages, consultancies, knowledge transfer, and other professional services. His research focus includes soil and plants interactions, wastes management and utilization, fertilizer technology, soil carbon dynamics, and humic substances. Among his current research work are soil and crop productivity improvement using organic and inorganic amendments,  biological farming,  and greenhouse mitigating in organic and mineral soils in farming systems.


Associate Professor

Associate Professor Dr. Patricia King Jie Hung
Field of Specialization : Microbiology, Pest and Disease Management, Microbial Biotechnology
+6086 855411

Patricia earned her PhD in Microbiology at National University Malaysia. Her research focuses on improving the pest and disease management strategies in maintaining the sustainability of the studied ecosystems. By using molecular approaches to provide new insights about plant-microbial interactions that influence contaminant remediation, carbon cycling, water resources, and subsurface energy systems. She has led or contributed to many initiatives, including IEB’s current Sarawak Pepper Agricultural Ecosystem Quality Research and the oil palm’s industry pest and disease management services.

Associate Professor Dr. Seca Gandaseca
Field of Specialization: Forest Engineering
+6019 4830370

Currently working as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Forestry and Environment, UPM. A passionate researcher in driving some relevant research and directing student research projects. The previous educational background, both Master and Ph.D. were in Forest Engineering and Ergonomics from Kyoto University, Japan. The research focus is on the environmental impact of timber harvesting systems, especially into soil and water quality, ergonomic evaluations of forest operation, forest science following the current issues such as forest rehabilitation, climate change, certifications, etc. Current research activity is mangrove forest operations and its impact on the environment especially to soil and water quality, mangrove sediment quality index, ergonomic evaluations of mangrove forest operation workers, and developing an allometric equation for forest plantation. For more information, please visit


Senior Lecturer

Dr. Adrian Daud
Field of Specialization: Environmental & Resource Economics, Economic Valuation
+6086 855330

Adrian Daud received his PhD (Economics) from UPM. His research primarily focus on the economic valuation of natural resources as well as cultural heritage. This includes the efficient allocation of resources for agricultural related activities and the production of different agricultural and traditional products. The focus on sustainable development is looking at the aspect of accounting for the management/depletion of natural resources in the process of economic development. Environmental pollution as a result of economic development must be taken into account for a sustainable development to take place. Currently is undergoing research on the socio-economic of pepper planting among farmers in Sarawak under the Geran Putra IPB (Sub-project). For more information, please visit:

Dr. Anita Rosli
Field of Specialization: Agricultural Economics (Productivity and Efficiency Analysis), Socio-economic Studies
+6086 855347

My research interest lies in agricultural economics studies, particularly in productivity and efficiency analysis in agricultural production. Sarawak plays a central role in Malaysia’s agriculture sector, producing foodstuffs for local consumption and cash crops to export. Thus, production performance at farm level plays a vital role to determine quality and quantity of agricultural output. High production and as well as productivity at the farm level are both important to ensure agricultural sector continues to be one of income sources for farmers and make Malaysia’s agriculture industry more competitive in the world marketplace.

Dr. Geoffery James Gerusu
Field of Specialization: Environmental Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Forest Management and Ecosystem Sciences
+6086 855454

I completed my PhD degree from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 2013 with a focus on agricultural hydrology. My current research interest is focused on forest hydrology, watershed management and runoff generation processes. Over the years there have been limited information in these related fields especially under diverse types of plants canopies such as natural tropical forest, planted forest and oil palm. Having an in-depth understanding of those fields helps to partially improve this situation by providing an updated and valuable finding that can assist relevant authorities to protect catchment areas towards creating a sustainable supply of clean and safe water for all living nature. The other research interest efforts are rainfall-runoff, sedimentation and hydrograph separation for urban catchments. For more information, please visit

Dr. Ellie Teo Yi Lih
Field of Specialization: Advanced Material, Electrochemistry, Carbon-based material, Energy Storage, Sensor
+6086 855742

Ellie is a Ph.D graduate in Advanced Material from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP). She is equipped with over six (6) years of experience in electrochemistry and energy storage acquired through industry projects and research academia. Currently, her research work is focused on carbon-based material especially graphene for the use in energy storage devices (redox flow battery, supercapacitors), sensors and corrosion study.

Dr. Latifah binti Omar
Field of Specialization: Soil Nitrogen Management, Compost Production and Agriculture Wastes Management.
+6086 8555830

Latifah binti Omar had completed her first degree (Bachelor Science in Bioindustry - 2009), Master of Science (Msc - 2011), and Doctoral Philosophy (Ph.D - 2016) at Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Sarawak Campus. Her recent researches are focused on the balance requirements of organic and chemical based fertilizers in rice production. Reutilization and fortification of agriculture wastes are prominent approaches in her research in line with the goals to reduce sole dependence on chemical based fertilizers and to achieve high rice yield under sustainable development agronomic practices. Use of balance organic and chemical fertilizers in rice production are most preferred in empowerment rice sector for food security in Malaysia. For more information, please visit google scholar

Dr. Mark Lee Wun Fui
Field of Specialization: Inorganic and coordination chemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry, single crystal X-ray crystallography.
+6086 855446

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (UKM). My core research activity focuses on molecular designs, theoretical and computational chemistry, and single crystal X-ray crystallography. The molecular design work involves synthesis and characterization of inorganic and coordination compounds. Theoretical and computational chemistry approaches facilitate the investigation of structural, electronic, thermodynamic and kinetic properties of the molecules. The study of supramolecular architecture of molecular crystals via single crystal X-ray crystallography. Current projects involve the exploration of metal complexes as potential intercalating agents in the application of pharmaceutical drugs, photocatalyst for carbon dioxide reduction and investigation of molecular compounds with nonlinear optical properties. For more information, please visit

Dr. Noorasmah Saupi
Field of Specialization : Agronomy (Plant Ecology)
+6086 855394

Dr. Noorasmah Saupi is a senior lecturer from Department of Crop Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Bintulu Sarawak Campus. She obtained her Ph.D from UPM in year 2014. Her areas of expertise are in plant ecology and ethnobotany covering various aspects from cultivation, nutritional and phytochemical of indigenous crops and aquatic plants of Borneo. Her current research focus on consumption, production and phytochemical profiling of indigenous crops, enhancement of pineapple and black pepper production. Her contributions includes scientific publications in international reputed journals, obtained local and industry grants, continuous supervision of masters students, and teaching of the same discipline.

Dr. Nozieana Khairuddin
Field of specialization: Renewable energy, Food and Biomaterial Processing
+6086 855823

She gained her bachelor degree in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2003. She then obtained her Master and Doctor of Philosophy in Bioprocess Engineering from the same university. Currently, she is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Science and Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Sarawak Campus and a member of several professional bodies as Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM), Malaysian Society of and Agricultural and Food Engineering (MSAE). Her areas of expertise include food and biomaterial processing; active-smart packaging, food safety and sustainability; nanotechnology and renewable energy. Apart from this, she is also an active member of Renewable energy group in UPMKB and a leader for biodiesel research group. For more information, please visit

Dr. Omar Faruqi Bin Marzuki
Field of Specialization: Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Safety, Health & Environmental
+6086 855847

Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering with 6 years of experimental research experience. Specialized in wind energy, aerodynamics, renewable energy. My research efforts focus on novel sustainable and renewable energy applications. My research activities are centered around wind energy, more precisely, in the application of solar tower. Aerospace engineering has enabled me to relate biodiversity to several applications, such as monitoring biodiversity using drone technology.

Dr. Roland Kueh Jui Heng
Field of Specialization: Forest Ecology
+6086 855228

Having a background in forestry, the area of focus is in the area of carbon sequestration and impact of air pollution on trees. For more information, please visit

Dr. Shiamala Devi Ramaiya 
Field of Specialization : Agronomy (Pomology)
+6086 855392

Dr. Shiamala Devi Ramaiya is a senior lecturer from Department of Crop Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Bintulu Sarawak Campus. She obtained her Ph.D from UPM in year 2016. Her areas of expertise are in pomology (fruits) covering various aspects from cultivation, nutritional and phytochemical analysis and genetic diversity of tropical fruits and also an indigenous fruit crops of Borneo. Her current research focus on genetics, production and phytochemical profiling of passion fruit, production and nutrition constituents of Artocarpus and Sapindaceae species, enhancement of pineapple production, LED light irradiation on selected fruits and vegetable quality. Her contributions includes scientific publications in international reputed journals, obtained local and industry grants, continuous supervision of masters students, and teaching of the same discipline.

Dr. Sivasangar Seenivasagam
Field of Specialization : Catalysis
+6086 855743

Dr. Sivasangar completed his PhD at Universiti Putra Malaysia (2015) in the field of catalysis. His research interest is focused in the area of renewable energy that includes biomass conversion to hydrogen, Biofuel, Biochemical, Dry reforming and Methanation reactions. Currently, his research activity covers MOF synthesis and its applications as a potential catalyst for various heterogeneous catalytic reactions such as photocatalysis. For more information, please visit

Dr. Suziana binti Hassan
Field of Specialization : Economics valuation of nature resources and conservation
+6086 855455

Dr. Suziana Hassan is a senior lecturer in Universiti Putra Malaysia, Bintulu Sarawak Campus. She obtained her Ph.D from Faculty of Sciences in Copenhagen University, Denmark. Her areas of expertise are Nature Resource and Applied Economics which focusing on the implementation of Choice Experiment Method for Economic Modelling. Her current field of interest are economics valuation of ecotourism, natural resources, and biodiversity conservation. Her contributions include scientific publications, supervision, and teaching of the same discipline. She has supervised Ph.D and Master Science students of related field.

Dr. Tunung Robin
Field of Specialization: Food Safety, Food Science, Microbiology
+6086 855316

Dr. Tunung Robin is a senior lecturer in Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Sarawak Campus. She obtained her Ph.D from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Her area of expertise is Food Safety, particularly focusing on the microbiological quality of food. Her current research focus is on the food safety knowledge, attitude and practices of the public, particularly among the ethnic community in Sarawak. Her contributions include scientific publications in international journals, teaching, and supervision of master students.

Dr. Zakry Fitri bin Ab Aziz
Field of Specialization: Soil Microbiology, Microbial Biotechnology, Agricultural Technology
+6086 855831

Zakry Fitri Ab Aziz is a Senior Lecturer at Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agricultural Science and Forestry, Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Sarawak Campus. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Microbial Biotechnology from the Universiti Putra Malaysia. He has expertise in soil microbiology, microbial biotechnology and agricultural technology with great passion in enhancing agricultural crop productivity and soil health through alternative and smart strategies. He has been isolating and screening beneficial rhizobacteria to improve crop growth and yield performance. He is also keen on adopting low-cost mobile sensor technology for crop and soil health status monitoring in the soil-plant-bacteria system. He looks for opportunities for collaborative research and training in association with academia, industries, and communities.




Dr. Waseem Razzaq Khan
Field of Specialization: Forest Management, Mangrove Ecology, Geospatial analysis, REDD+

BSc Forestry - Pakistan Forest Institute Peshawar; MSc Forestry - Pakistan Forest Institute Peshawar; MS Environmental Sciences NUST Pakistan; PhD Forest Management & Ecosystem Sciences (Universiti Putra Malaysia). For almost ten years, I have been a student of Forestry. I began my research work in sub-tropical forests in my home country Pakistan. During my research in the Master degree of Forestry, I focused on medicinal plants in the area of Murree Hills and used the same area for my MS Environmental Sciences research work in deforestation and degradation under the umbrella of REDD+. My PhD project focused on mangroves and sediments which included studying key factors causing low mangrove productivity at Matang Forests in Peninsular Malaysia. With my research team, we developed case studies to use stable isotopes in the mangroves reserve and monitor their productivity decline. My long-term research goals specifically target four areas: highlighting key risk factors hampering mangrove productivity, assessing efficiency of constructed peat/wetland in terms of carbon sequestration as compared to natural peat lands, collaborate with local communities for sustainable use of mangrove forests and study the effect of silviculture techniques in restoring and preserving peatlands and mangroves besides using the IOT & remote sensing   in forest ecosystem monitoring of mangrove health and peatland ecosystem.


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